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Minggu, 12 Maret 2017

Can you tell us what basic needs to be prepared in order to survive when study abroad?

The basic need of preparation to survive studying abroad is to prepare your mental, because many things would be out of your expectation in abroad, you will face many differences and difficulties by yourself. You will get a shock culture. You will face various characters of people, habitual, manners, and social life. You will struggle with your study, you will find many subjects very difficult to be understood. You should cope all those things, but before that you need to be tough and prepare your mental.
Besides, you need to be brave to compete with others in academic, to make new friends, and to stand your prinsip in the middle of cross cultures and religions. Furthermore, language is something you really need to prepare, both for your study and for your social life.
Also, you need to prepare yourself in academic paper writing, because here, many work is done by report paper. And be brave to present it in front of your professor and international friends. The main point is, train yourself to Speak clearly, it would be good in public, better in english

Homesick and shock culture are two things that definitely met by anyone who study abroad. According to you, how do you overcome it?

For me personally, I spend my time in the weekend to call my family and friends in Indonesia , and something else I miss a lot about Indonesia which made me homesick is the Indonesian food, it is the most tasty and delicious food ever I guess, nothing can defeat it ? So when I feel homesick, I will cook some Indonesian food. To be honest I brought a lot of food ingredients from Indonesia when I came here, or if they’re gone, I still can get it in Asian Shop.
Or else, when I get homesick, I’ll just go out with my Indonesian friends and speak Bahasa freely, trust me you would miss your mother tongue when you’re in a long time living with non indonesian
About shock culture, I think it is very normal. I mean, we live in different countries, we got different experiences, different backgrounds, we have different cultures we do different manners, we speak different language, and we have different belief and religion. So it is very normal to get a shock culture, even not only us, other international students also experience it. Then if it happen, just let it be, do not over concern when you do mistake of manner, behaviour, or anything else bcause of different perceptions. Relax and observe your surrounding, learn many new things, get many international friends, involved yourself in many activities, as time goes by you will get use to it until you find yourself become part of them, you will love your new environment and feel like home.

Can we really survive study abroad? (Reconsider the mindset of scholarship sufficiency)

Sure! we can, definitely. Though it is quite limited but that’s enough if we life economically, thankfully Budapest is a cheap city to live in. Instead, actually those limitation would make us become stronger. This kind of situation encourage us to be more creative and tough in order to survive. We’ll learn how to manage our financial matter, how to get more income, how to save money and travel around the world with such limited money. Those all are the process to succeed, never been easy indeed, but we’ll learn many new things on the process of our struggling which eventually build our character, it is very necessary to face our future life later
Remember that different process will lead you to different results. If it is too easy or less challenging, okay you may get the same degree of education, but that won’t build your mental and character bcz you didn’t experience the struggling process. So, yeah, it’s nice to try and challenge yourself

How to survive in academical life?

Study hard, of course. Okay, if I should elaborate it, you may do not do your studying rythm in the same way as you did when you were in Indonesia. In bachelor, maybe you can study in the last minute before exam, but when you take your master abroad please leave it, believe me it wouldn’t work here (abroad).
In master you will get different curriculum (which is even harder), you should study and read hundred pages, your classmates (international students), especially european and US, usually have already had a wide and very good knowledge about the subjects (I don’t know why, it might bcz we have different previous curriculum in bachelor, or they have experienced specific related work before), but they seem intelligent. *At least for me here in master of psychology, there are many knowledge and cases that I haven’t known or I’ve just heard about it here, while most of my friends have understood & could follow the subjects nicely. I am aware that I have many limitation in my knowledge and experience, then I try to study more to catch up the materials so I won’t left behind others.
Moreover, when you take master abroad, you cannot rely anything to your friend as in bachelor, here you do your work & papers by yourself, if you get lose at the exam, don’t ever think that you can see your friend’s work. So, make sure to understand the subject properly. And for those who have the cheating habit, pls leave it from now, you won’t survive with that habit.


Dear my beloved sisters and brothers, if you have something to be achieved then Go, Get it! Keep ur dream close. Write it down so you won’t forget. Display it somewhere you can always look at. Don’t ever give up of your faith! Believe that God will definitely help you. Who knows, He will grant your dream in the way that u would never expect. No one has the right to say that you cannot! You yourself is the one who decide, whether you believe it or not, it’s on you. So, keep your fight!

1. I wanna ask to mrs faricha, Why you choose Hungary for your education?

Because firstly I love it’s beautiful city, Budapest, hha.. okay, then when I did a research about the education there, the quality of university is quite good, also it has the specific major which I really interested in.

2. which one who inspire you to study abroad? why did you make your very brave decision to study abroad?

My causin is the first person who inspired me to study abroad, she took her master in UK and Doctor in Germany. Then I often watch some inspiring novels and movie which tells about struggling in studying abroad, like sang pemimpi of trilogy (or tetralogy? I forgot) laskar pelangi . Then why I made my decision? Because I have my dream, I have my goal. I did afraid of my dream, but my desire to achieve my goal is bigger than my scarcity

3. How do I convince myself that I could go to study abroad ? Though I have limited English language and my mental not ready to face the new world. I have try a variety of ways to improve my English language, but still limited.

You should stick to you goal. Be brave to dream and believe it. The limitation is not the issue here, as far as you have a strong passion and dream, then you will manage your limitation. Just go on, don’t ever give up, believe that someday you will get it. It’s a process, a process is never easy. If success is that easy everyone have already got their success now. But it’s not, you need more courage and belief in yourself. Enjoy the process

4. How do you prepare a plan for your lecture? and how can you overcome difficulties in socializing with strangers?  whether in Europe there are still many discrimination against religion? are they very welcome to any strangers they’d just met? What things do you prepared to face the different weather climate??

I prepare my lecture everyday, I try to read the required and recommended e-book before class so I can follow the lecture and don’t get lost when the professor explain.
In socializing with strangers, just be proactive and be the one who say “Hi..”, and start conversation . It’s not easy indeed especially for me who wearing hijab, but we can show them that we are a good people and nice, I’m trying to behave better and watch my manner, bcz I am aware that here, in the land where muslim is very minority, they saw me as representative of islam. I do not want to make my religion getting worse
Fyi, I am the only girl who wearing hijab in my faculty, and it’s quite difficult to identify who is muslim among them
Not all would welcome you nicely, many will ignore, but don’t be over sensitive, we still have many others who welcome and friendly, focus on the good one . I prepare especially for winter, I even experienced -22 degree here. But thanks god I arrived here when it was summer, so I could adapt well. My preparation is the warm coat and common medicine from Indonesia

5. Please explain your expectations from the higher education in Hungary and your plan after graduation? It is possible to get scholarship for bachelor is Hungary? Whether Political science and International Relations famous there?

I would be a professional as a psychologist, considering the good method of education that they gave me. Here in my master, I got many amazing knowledge and experience, the one that I may won’t get in Indonesia, bcz you know the cases in mental health and clinical here is really applicable. And after graduate, I would like to come to Indonesia and work there. I love my country
The scholarship which was offered from the government of Hungary so far is only for master and Phd. The Internationa relation is quite good here. But the famous one which european students will fight for is the health and doctor, also economics

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